Louisville acupuncture
February 4, 2016

The Angry Liver–Acupuncture & Addiction

Addiction is more than a physiological illness. Emotional ties to the substances develop, leaving one dependent upon the self-medicating effects of use. Acupuncture's overall calming effect upon the central nervous system reduces the agitated 'fight or flight' mode that substance abusers typically live in.

Louisville acupuncture
February 1, 2016

Quantum Qi–We are the Same as Everything

In Chinese medicine, qi (chee) is the most fundamentally basic, or quantum vital force, that flows through all life. Chinese medicine works at the level of qi.Qi permeates all that is. It flows in the human body through the meridian system where acupuncture intervenes to heal and to maintain health. The meridian system has been known and mapped for millenia, however modern science is just now conceptualizing it.