May 19, 2020

Acupuncture at Abacus Chinese Medicine


Acupuncture at Abacus Chinese Medicine is done by Jeffrey Russell who has studied acupuncture styles extensively in the USA and in Asia. His preferred practice includes the method taught by Grand Master Tung (董景昌大師) [pronounced “Dong”].

Master Tung’s approach to acupuncture treatment is a highly effective system that uses points distal to the affected area. This ancient system survived the Cultural Revolution and the movement to “systematize” acupuncture in 1960’s China, and therefore differs significantly from the “Westernized” version of acupuncture taught by most colleges and universities today in Western and Asian academic institutions.

Dr.Young Wei-jia is the foremost teacher and practitioner of this style. Susan Johnson L.Ac is has played a pivotal role in teaching and practicing Tung’s acupuncture in the United States and is Jeffrey’s primary acupuncture teacher.

Jeffrey also uses the Sa’am method of acupuncture which is a traditional approach particularly useful in complicated illnesses. It is a Korean style known as the Medicine of the Wandering Monk. It integrates physical, mental and emotional treatment.

Jeffrey Russell practices in the Louisville area. He was instrumental in work to establish licensure for acupuncturists in Kentucky. You can learn more about his training and work in Chinese Medicine here.

Contact Jeffrey for acupuncture at his clinic, Abacus Chinese Medicine by texting or calling (502) 299-8900. Text is always received and answered more promptly.


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