March 7, 2016

Chinese Herbs–The Flowers

Chinese herbal medicine uses various parts of medicinal plants. Here are some known for the healing properties of their flowers. There are others.

While these and other herbs are available in retail sale, it is recommended that you consult with a practitioner of Chinese herbalism for indications of use, formulations and dosage. There is potential for contradindication given one’s specific health status. There is also potential for toxicity when dosage is not appropriately monitored.

Chrysanthemum or Ju Hua

is a perennial herb used in Chinese Medicine to treat many conditions involving the Lung and Liver Meridians. Among these are cold and flu, headache, blurred vision, red eyes, dizziness and skin sores. It reduces fever, inflammation and blood pressure. It is also an anti-bacterial and antioxidant.

Four species of chrysanthemum are used medicinally. They are cultivated in the Chinese provinces of Shenxi, Gansu, Henan, Zhejiang, Anhuii and Jiangxi. The flower, stem, leaf and root are used.

Magnolia or Xin Yi Hua

(Magnolia Flower), Flos Magnoliae Lilliflorae, works along the Lung and Stomach Meridians and is used for conditions such as stuffy nose, nasal obstruction, congestion, discharge, loss of smell, and sinus headache. It is grown wild and in cultivation for medicinal use in many areas around the world.

Safflower or Hong Hua

Hong Hua is an annual plant native to Asia and parts of Africa. It is cultivated throughout China, especially in Henan, Zhejiang and Sichuan. Hong Hua is frequently used to treat heart disease, joint pain, menstrual disorders, improve circulation, and dissolve clots. Its various uses also include the treatment of  diabetes. Its medicinal effects involve the Heart Meridian and Lung Meridian.

In the Louisville area, Jeffrey Russell is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. If you would like to discuss how Chinese herbalism may improve your health, he can be reached at his clinic Abacus Chinese Medicine–Louisville Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at (502) 299-8900.

Find out more about Jeffrey, his training in Chinese Medicine and his qualifications as an herbalist. Also, you can read more about Chinese herbal medicine here.

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