January 21, 2022

Chinese Medicine in COVID Treatment

Chinese herbal medicine is once again proving effective in COVID-19 treatment. This time it is in Pakistan where health authorities reported good success in a clinical trial that used Chinese herbal medicine for patients infected with the coronavirus.

On January 17, 2022, it was reported that a clinical trial in which Chinese herbal medicine was used had completed, proving the herbal medicine used as effective in the treatment of mild to moderate cases of COVID-19. This is another substantial clinical application that indicates the significant contribution Chinese herbal medicine has made in our fight against the pandemic. It strongly suggests that Chinese herbal medicine will continue to be useful as efforts to curb the pandemic continue.

The Pakistani clinical trial used pharmaceutically prepared granules of Chinese herbs that have already been in use in China for COVID-19 treatment. Early in the

granulated Chinese herbs used in COVID treatment

pandemic, Chinese herbal medicine was reported to be significant in COVID treatment in Wuhan when that city and its facilities were overwhelmed with patients who had COVID.

The Pakistani trial included patients with different variants of the virus and found that the Chinese herbal medicine used to be significantly effective in treating omicron as well as other variants of the coronavirus. 300 patients with mild to moderate illness were treated with Chinese herbal medicine in this study. The efficacy rate of treatment has been reported as approximately 82.67%. (This story was reported by Syed Raza Hassan for Reuters).