March 7, 2016

Chinese Herbalism–Some Common Herbs

Chinese herbalism is a component of Chinese Medicine. Modern practice is informed by 2,000 years of cumulative scientific knowledge and practical use. Herbs and herbal mixtures are used to treat ailments and maintain health. The following are examples of 100’s of herbs used in Chinese Medicine. While these are available in retail sale, it is recommended that you consult a practitioner of Chinese herbalism regarding their appropriate use for any health concerns you have. Herbalists are able to determine the mixtures and doses indicated for the symptoms you have.

Astragalus (huangqi)

The roots of astragalus

The tap roots of astragalus are shown at right. They are one of the most commonly used herbs in China. Astragalus has been beneficially used in medicines that improve immunity and digestion among other uses. Chinese herbalists often use astragalus to ‘promote’ the functions of other herbs.

Atractylodes (baizhu)

Rhizomes of the artactylodes plant

Atractylodes rhizomes are used in combination with other herbs typically. One use is in herbal prescriptions that treat disturbances in the digestive tract.

Bupleurum (chaihu)

The roots of this plant have many uses. Among them are liver and skin ailments; arthritis, ulcers, hormone imbalances, inflammation and mental health problems.

Bupleurum (chaihu)

Coptis (huanglian)

The coptis rhizome has many uses which include treatment of infection, skin diseases, hypertension, insomnia and nervousness.

Coptis (huanglian)

In the Louisville area, Jeffrey Russell is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine. If you would like to discuss how Chinese herbalism may improve your health, he can be reached at his clinic Abacus Chinese Medicine–Louisville Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine at (502) 299-8900.

Find out more about Jeffrey, his training in Chinese Medicine and his qualifications as an herbalist. Also, you can read more about Chinese herbal medicine here.

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