April 27, 2024

Compounding Pharmacy for Chinese Herbal Medicine

compounding pharmacy for Chinese Herbal Medicine

The compounding pharmacy for Chinese Herbal Medicine at Jeffrey Russell’s clinic, Abacus Chinese Medicine, is a uniquely specialized pharmacy. There, certified Chinese Herbalist, Jeffrey Russell, MS, L.Ac, DOM, customizes Chinese herbal medicine formulas to address each patient’s individualized needs. The compounding process at Abacus Chinese Medicine combines granulated herbs to make individualized formulations. Herbal medication needs are monitored by Jeffrey on an ongoing basis and adjusted as needed, giving a highly personalized and tailored approach to healthcare. Such specialization can lead to more effective treatment outcomes.

Jeffrey has over 20 years of experience, and trained with world renowned Chinese herbalist, Chang Wei-Yen (Jimmy Chang), in San Francisco. Jeffrey’s patients undergo a thorough diagnostic procedure and consultation. The patient’s health history, symptoms, overall constitution, and lifestyle are considered. In addition to herbal medicines, other services may be recommended. Treatment methods that restore balance, harmony, health and well-being are available such as acupuncture, or techniques of hands-on treatment using osteopathic principles.

The compounding pharmacy at Abacus Chinese Medicine offers the following benefits over mass-produced and pre-packaged herbal formulations:

  1. Personalized Formulas: A compounding pharmacy takes into account the patient’s unique constitution, array of symptoms, and overall health status before an herbal formulation is offered.
  2. Flexibility in Contents and Dosing: Pre-made formulas may not always contain the exact combination of herbs needed to address an individual’s health concerns. Compounding pharmacies have the flexibility to adjust the herb selection and dosage.
  3. Quality and Safety: Compounding pharmacies typically use high-quality, ethically sourced herbal ingredients to ensure the safety and efficacy of their formulations. By creating custom blends in-house, compounding pharmacies have greater control over the quality of the final product and can ensure that it meets strict quality standards.
  4. Increased Therapeutic Benefit: In contrast to mass produced formulas, the compounding practitioner can adjust herbal combinations and dosages to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits for each patient.
  5. Access to Rare or Uncommon Herbs: In some cases, individuals may require herbs that are not commonly found in pre-made formulas. A compounding pharmacy can source and incorporate rare or uncommonly used herbs into customized formulations.

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