April 15, 2021

Brain Fog and Fatigue in COVID Recovery

Brain fog and fatigue in COVID recovery have emerged as two of the most common and chronic symptoms of the illness.

A research study done between May and November 2020, found that Covid-19 “long haulers” experience prominent and persistent “brain fog” and fatigue that affect their cognition and quality of life. “Long haulers” are identified in this study as those who have Covid-19 related symptoms at least 6 weeks after their apparent recovery. The majority of subjects here had mild to moderate symptoms of Covid and never required Covid-related hospitalization.*

Cognitive Problems and Fatigue in Covid-19 Recovery

82% of hospitalized Covid patients have neurological symptoms and fatigue significant enough to affect quality of life. (Typical neurological problems include memory and attention impairments–often called “brain fog”). It is notable that in recovery from milder cases manageable without hospitalization, cognitive problems and significant fatigue also occur, and can significantly affect daily life.

Neurological issues contributing to ‘brain fog’ and chronic fatigue appear similar to those experienced by patients after mild traumatic brain injury and in those who have chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Persistent neurologic symptoms and cognitive dysfunction in non-hospitalized Covid-19 “long haulers”. E. Graham, J. Clark, Z. Orban, P. Lim, et al.  Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology. 3/23/2021. https://doi.org/10.1002/acn3.51350


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