April 16, 2021

Pulsynergy–Pulse Diagnosis at Abacus Chinese Medicine

Jimmy Chang–developer of Pulsynergy

Pulsynergy is a diagnostic method used by Jeffrey that was learned from his mentor, Zhang Wei Yan (known as Dr. Jimmy Chang) who developed the method. He is a Chinese medicine practitioner living and working in Los Angeles.

He is a renowned diagnostician and Chinese medicine herbalist. His clinical work has developed for over 35 years leading to significant innovations for the daily practices of countless Chinese medicine practitioners. His work demonstrates how effective pulse monitoring is for a diagnostic process. Dr. Jimmy Chang is acclaimed in his work which has led to the integration of pulse taking into diagnosing conditions specified in western medicine.

Dr. Chang worked for decades with hospitalized patients, documenting his observations of radial (wrist) pulse patterns associated with an extensive range of conditions. Through this intensive clinical experience and observation, he systemized an innovative method of pulse diagnosis called Pulsynergy.

Pulsynergy is a precise pulse diagnostic tool used in Chinese medicine the world over. Practitioners are able to assess bio-medical conditions quickly and with great specificity. It is especially amenable to an integrative practice in which a Chinese medicine approach works with information and treatment from other healthcare perspectives.

Pulse diagnosis as developed by Dr. Jimmy Chang is a logical and effective method, yet specific and complex, requiring intensive study and practice. Chang’s work and methods have greatly elevated the use of pulse diagnosis and afford him a significant role in the history of Chinese medicine. Jeffrey interned with Chang, learning this historical milestone in Chinese medicine diagnostics directly from the man who developed it.

Pulse diagnosis itself has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. The pattern of a patient’s pulse indicates specific physiological internal condition.

Jeffrey uses this style of pulse diagnosis as the foundation of his practice when diagnosing, prescribing herbal prescriptions, determining appropriate acupuncture treatment, and monitoring patient progress.


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