March 5, 2021

Long COVID Patients and Vaccinations

Long COVID patients (‘long haulers’) have chronic COVID symptoms after acute COVID illness has passed. In fact, many who now have chronic symptoms became ill during the first wave of the pandemic last year. However, doctors are recently reporting that a significant number of these patients get notable relief after being vaccinated.

Long COVID (Post-acute COVID Syndrome, PASC, long hauler COVID) can be debilitating, yet there is a continuum of severity, and the distress can fluctuate in intensity.

Healthcare practitioners have had concern that patients with Long COVID symptoms would worsen after being vaccinated, thinking the vaccine would trigger an immune response that would be difficult or even adverse for them. However, practitioners are anecdotally reporting notable positive results, and in a survey of 500 patients with chronic COVID symptoms, about 1/3 reported relief after receiving a COVID vaccine. Symptoms seem to improve about 2 weeks after being vaccinated. Some report slight improvement, and some say symptoms significantly subsided.

One theory discussed by Yale immunologist, Akiko Iwasaki, is that the coronavirus, or fragments of it, remain in the body for these patients. Consequently, they have a chronically irritated immune response and resulting symptoms. Dr. Iwasaki believes that vaccinations may be clearing out the irritating viral remnants because antibody generation is stepped up by the vaccine.

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Long COVID patients say they feel better after getting vaccinated

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