February 1, 2016

The Meridians & Universal Life Force

Enjoy the Chi (Qi) activation music as you view the rest.

The meridians of the body are visually traced in the video below.

Depicting universal life energy in the cosmos and the human body, the images below include those from the Hubble space telescope, da Vinci, Alex Grey, and ancient Chinese Medicine texts. The sculptures are acupuncture models illustrating the human meridian system.

veil-nebula-hubbleleonardo-da-vinci-anatomy111hubble-telescope-flaming-creature-ftrHT_nebula_jef_150827_12x5_1600alex grey family meridians150409124320-20-cnnphotos-hubble-restricted-super-16918cnd-space.2.650heic1406aheic1501aHubble-rose-21sthands-energydownload (2)download (3)images (54)Chakra-healing1


acu ancient textacupuncture wooden model2acupuncture bronze model TCM museum Anguo, Chinaacupuncture-booksacupuncture-chart1






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