February 15, 2016

Master Tung’s Four Horses

Jeffrey demonstrates treatment using Master Tung’s Si Ma (Four Horses). The acupuncture points are used bilaterally in internal medicine.

Four Horses consists of three points on each thigh: 88.17, 88.18, and 88.19, Middle, Upper and Lower Four Horses, totaling six points. This point pattern is wonderfully effective, easy to locate, and very versatile. Tung’s Points practitioners highly value these points, as they treat a wide and diverse array of disorders… 

One could argue that Four Horses earned its name because it may include an extra point; however, the name actually reflects the fact that these are among the most powerful points in the entire body. A carriage drawn by four horses moves very quickly, with extraordinary momentum. A one-horse carriage ride through the countryside on a lazy Sunday afternoon would not be a fitting metaphor for the strong and lasting effects of these amazing points.*

Jeffrey Russell practices Chinese herbalism and acupuncture in Louisville, KY at his clinic, Abacus Chinese Medicine. You can reach him at (502) 299-8900.

*Extraordinary Momentum: Master Tung’s Four Horses Combination By Susan Johnson https://tungspoints.com/articles/extraordinary-momentum-master-tungs-four-horses-combination/


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