March 26, 2016

Abacus Chinese Medicine in Louisville

Abacus Chinese medicine in Louisville is unique.  Jeffrey Russell provides state-of-the-art practices, working in methods taught him by renowned masters in Chinese Medicine: Dr. Jimmy Wei-Yen Chang in pulse diagnostics and herbal compounding; Dr. Li-Huang in auricular diagnosis, and Dr. Susan Johnson in the Master Tung lineage of acupuncture.

Additionally, Jeffrey uses Osteopathic principles in manual therapy techniques to address somatic dysfunction.

Below is discussion of some fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine, including Yin and Yang, the 5 Elements, and the Theory of Promotion and Subjugation.

The video below discusses the holistic nature of Chinese Medicine and some fundamental differences between it and Western Medicine.

The next video discusses the concept of disease in Chinese Medicine.

In the Louisville area, Jeffrey Russell is a practitioner of Chinese Medicine and manual therapy using Osteopathic principles. You may schedule an appointment here. 



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