January 19, 2015

Acupuncture in the Clinic

Master Tung’s Early Case Studies

The following are numerous case studies by Master Tung.

In a case study on Pericardial Disease Master Tung noted: “A patient complained of severe distention and a burning feeling extending from the xiphoid process to Ren13. By carefully examining the patient’s palm, Master Tung diagnosed the condition as pericardial disease. To treat this condition, he only applied one needle to the point on the central line of the thigh. The patient felt comfortable immediately. It was marvelous! “3

By observing changes in the heart channel line of the palm, Master Tung determined that the patient was suffering from pericardial disease. He then selected a point on the central line of the thigh, which is the Tung system’s heart channel. The single point Master Tung selected to treat this condition was Heaven Pathway5. This demonstrates the effectiveness of Master Tung’s palmar diagnosis in determining which channel and points to select for treatment.

Master Tung once treated a case of polio using the following points: Shoulder Center (Jian Zhong 44.06), Cloud White (Yun Bai 44.11) and Lower Curve (Xia Qu, 44.15). The patient had suffered from polio for four years and miraculously was able to walk after 30 treatments. Mr. Fan, Zhong, one of Master Tung’s disciples, explained, “Shoulder Center belongs to the heart channel; the lower radial side, Cloud White belongs to lung channel; and the lower ulnar side Lower Curve belongs to liver channel”3

According to traditional 14 channels, Shoulder Center is located on the san jiao channel, Cloud White is on the lung channel, and Lower Curve is on the small intestine channel. But, according to Tung’s channel system, Shoulder Center belongs to the heart channel, which means heart qi connects to ministerial fire qi of the san jiao. White Cloud belongs to Tung’s lung channel, which means lung qiconnects to the large intestine qi. And Lower Curve belongs to Tung’s liver channel, which means liverqi connects to the small intestine qi.

Master Tung's Five Zang Channel System - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark

In a case study about cerebral nerve disease, Master Tung said, “A patient was unable to hold on to an object due to trembling hands. His medical doctor’s diagnosis was cerebral nerve disease, and it was suggested that he undergo an operation. Instead, the patient invited me to treat his condition. My diagnosis was heart channel disease, and treatment was focused on the heart channel. I applied needles to Central Meeting (Zhen Hui 1010.01) & Calm Mind (Zhen Jing 1010.08) two times, and his trembling condition subsided.”3

Central Meeting (Zhen Hui 1010.01) is Bai Hui (Du20) of 14 channels system, and Calm Mind (Zhenjing 1010.08) is 0.3 cun above the Yin Tang. Under the anatomy section of Master Tung’s textbook both these points are categorized as being related to the “cerebral nerve.” In TCM, the brain (cerebrum) is the house of the spirit and heart is the room of the spirit. Since Master Tung diagnosed the “cerebral disease” as “heart channel disease,” we can conclude that the “cerebral nerve” also belongs to the heart channel in Tung’s system.