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What To Expect

“Roll em’ up!” is a statement in the initial patient information form. It is suggesting that your sleeves are rolled up and that your watches and bracelets are removed upon entering the diagnostic room. This is due to the fact that the initial diagnosis is done with the patient in silence while the doctor examines the skin, radial pulse and whole ear.

He will explain that “the first thing we want to do is see what your body is telling me through our diagnosis. I would like to see from my findings what I need to work with and around.

After my diagnosis, we will talk about why you are here.” This begins the first intake which is followed by a discussion about the chief complaint and other related and potentially non-related issues found in the diagnosis.

From there, further discussion about lifestyle changes, history etc. are explored. Once a determination has been confirmed, a compounded Chinese herbal medicine formula is made and or acupuncture or Auricular Medicine is employed.

Follow up appointments/ phone calls are discussed before the patient leaves.

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