Louisville acupuncture

A Benchmark for World Health

Herbal medicine… has contributed significantly to man’s struggle against disease and has been an important component of health care systems for thousands of years. China has a long history of herbal medicine and has developed a unique system for using it. –World Health Organization Continue reading


Chinese Herbs–The Flowers

While these and other herbs are available in retail sale, it is recommended that you consult with a practitioner of Chinese herbalism for indications of use, formulations and dosage. There is potential for contradindication given one’s specific health status. There is also potential for toxicity when dosage is not appropriately monitored. Continue reading

Louisville acupuncture

Super Bugs, Antibiotics & Chinese Herbalism

Chinese medicine differs from Western medicine in its conceptualization of infectious disease treatment. Traditionally, Western medicine focuses upon the ‘germ’ which invades the host to bring infection. Its cure is to kill the invader. Chinese medicine recognizes infectious organisms, but also seeks to improve the body’s immunity during treatment. Continue reading