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Medical Imaging and Acupuncture for Pain Control

Medical imaging technology allows us to see the effects of acupuncture as a treatment is occurring. There is a significant body of research using PET scans, MRI’s and SPECT images? that show the effectiveness of acupuncture. For example, PET scans … Continue reading


Getting in Sync with Spring

Swollen with the late rains of spring, on the cool, jade-green grass the golden sunshine splashes. –Liu Tzu-Hui Sung Dynasty, A.D. 960-1278   The cosmology of Chinese Medicine embeds us as a microcosm within the whole universe. The same cycles … Continue reading


What’s Chinese Medicine Anyway?

You may have heard of Chinese Medicine, and even been intrigued, but aren’t sure what it’s all about. You’ve probably heard about acupuncture and that it’s effective, but still have a lot of questions like what can it treat and … Continue reading


Protracted Withdrawal in Addiction

  Acute Withdrawal What most of us think of as drug withdrawal is more accurately known as acute withdrawal; it begins when an addictive substance is stopped abruptly, or its dose reduced. Acute withdrawal is significant distress that occurs at … Continue reading


The 6 Pernicious Influences

Chinese Medicine recognizes Six Pernicious Influences that cause disturbances or disharmony in the body. These are Heat, Cold, Dampness, Dryness, Wind and Summer Heat. They are external or environmental forces that become injurious by invading the body. Historically, they have been … Continue reading

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The Basics, History, Science & a Skeptic

A slideshow with basic concepts of acupuncture and Oriental Medicine practice:   A discussion of the profession around the world:     BBC documentary about acupuncture as primary medicine in China during surgery and in other applications: